Press panel at Hannaford Hall draws a crowd

On November 17, the Camden Conference organized a panel of 4 renowned journalists, moderated by former Boston Globe editor Matthew Storin, to discuss the topic “Is the Press Being Fair to President Trump.” Over 300 people attended the event at Hannaford Hall on the campus of USM in Portland. If you missed it, or if you would like to watch it again, it is available on our YouTube channel. Watch Here

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Camden Conference in the World-December 2018

As the holidays approach, what better person to turn to for an upbeat take on the “disorder” often apparent in the world around us than Calestous Juma, the Harvard professor and renowned expert on technology and economic development who brought such joy to the 2014 Food and Water Camden Conference. Juma argued in The Conversation last month that, “Africa has become a testing ground for technological leapfrogging.” Threats to the cohesion of nation states are a frequently cited sign of disorder, and the rapid spread of often seemingly alien and uncontrolled technology is another. Juma bucks the trend from both angles in citing use of iris recognition by the breakaway state of Somaliland to insure against voter fraud.   Two favorites from the 2016 Camden Conference on The New Africa have also provided positive takes of late on our sometimes seemingly troubled world. Kah Walla, Cameroon opposition leader and head…

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Registration is now open for the 31st annual Camden Conference

Registration is now open for the 31st annual Camden Conference, New World Disorder and America’s Future, February 16-18, 2018. The Conference will explore shifts in global power and the implications for major players—especially the United States, China and European countries—in pursuing their national interests. Conference speakers will address the impact of globalization, the rise of nationalism and populism, transformations in global economies, and the management of a range of future threats such as climate change and population growth. Tom Ashbrook, award-winning journalist and host of the nationally syndicated, public radio call-in program, “On Point”, will be the moderator, and Stephen Walt will be the keynote speaker. Walt is the Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University and is a prominent figure in the realist school of international relations.  His books include The Origins of Alliances, which received the 1988 Edgar S. Furniss National Security Book Award, and Taming…

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Constructing Revolution: Soviet Propaganda Posters from between the World Wars

Constructing Revolution explores the remarkable and wide-ranging body of propaganda posters as an artistic consequence of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Marking its centennial, this exhibition delves into a relatively short-lived era of unprecedented experimentation and utopian idealism, which produced some of the most iconic images in the history of graphic design. The eruption of the First World War, the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917, and the subsequent civil war broke down established political and social structures and brought an end to the Tsarist Empire. Russia was split into antagonistic worlds: the Bolsheviks and the enemy, the proletariat and the exploiters, the collective and the private, the future and the past. The deft manipulation of public opinion was integral to the violent class struggle. Having seized power in 1917, the Bolsheviks immediately recognized posters as a critical means to tout the Revolution’s triumph and ensure its spread. Posters supplied the new…

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Camden Conference in the World-November 2017

Camden Conference 2015 speaker Fyodor Lukyanov tackles the conference’s 2018 New World Disorder theme in the context of US, Russian and European relations in the editor’s column in the most recent issue of Russia in Global Affairs. “The uncertain state of affairs will likely endure until each player achieves a measure of domestic stability,” Lukyanov suggests. “This is especially true for the United States, but also for Russia and the EU on the eve of potentially disruptive elections.”   Pranab Bardhan, the UC Berkeley professor who provided the 2011 conference with such memorable comparisons of the economic history and prospects of China and India, comes up with three ideas to address the shortage of productive, well paying jobs that is a root cause of much of the global disorder in a recent piece in The Economic Times of India. His proposed partial remedies for India — state subsidies for hiring…

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Camden Conference and Rockport Public Library present Film Series: New World Disorder and America’s Future

The Camden Conference and Rockport Public Library are pleased to present a Film Series: New World Disorder and America’s Future, in connection with the 31st Camden Conference, which will focus on the same theme.  The series will take place over three Saturdays; November 4, 11, and 18, at the Rockport Opera House.  The screenings are free and open to all. The first film in the series, The UnAmerican Struggle, will be screened on Saturday, November 4 at 2 p.m. Director Ric Osuna will attend and will be available for Q&A following the film.  The UnAmerican Struggle is a feature-length documentary that examines the resurgence of racism, misogyny, sexism, and xenophobia in America. The UnAmerican Struggle pays close attention to the struggle for equality from the perspective of Immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, Blacks, Women, and Transgender People. Seventeen experts representing the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Diversity Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and local groups, such…

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2018 Camden Conference Speaker Roster Takes Shape

Once again this year, the Camden Conference will focus on a timely and compelling topic. The 31st annual Camden Conference, “New World Disorder and America’s Future” will explore shifts in global power and the implications for major players – especially the United States, China and European countries – in pursuing their national interests. Moderated by Tom Ashbrook, award-winning journalist and host of the nationally syndicated, public radio call-in program, On Point, speakers will address the impact of globalization, the rise of nationalism, the challenges to global economies, and the management of a range of future threats including environmental change.  The Conference will explore how critical relationships among countries are evolving and whether the “rules-based” international institutions established in the mid-20th century can be effective in a disorderly world. Keynote speaker, Stephen Walt, is the Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University.  He previously taught at Princeton University and University…

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Camden Conference in the World-October 2017

New World Disorder and America’s Future is not only the title of the upcoming 2018 Camden Conference, it’s also a theme being addressed these days by many speakers in previous Camden Conferences. Germany has been a particular focus for past speakers, especially since the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party got nearly 13% of the vote in recent elections. Cas Mudde wrote in The Guardian right after the late September German election that the results “mainly shows de-alignment from the mainstream parties, rather than re-alignment to AfD.” Angela Merkel, whom many look to as a bulwark of stability amid the global disorder, won a fourth term as Chancellor but with a sharply decreased share of the vote. Mudde, a University of Georgia professor and active commentator on populist politics, had an uncomfortable message for those who view Merkel as a pillar of Western stability. The election was in many…

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Camden Conference begins 2018 Membership Drive with New Benefits

The Camden Conference announces the beginning of its annual membership drive for the 2018 season. What began in 1987 with a handful of Midcoast residents with insight, enthusiasm, and connections and the idea of “bringing the world to Camden,” is now entering its 31st year. The Conference audience now numbers over 1100 people each February across the four venues. In addition to the February Conference, programs include related high school and college courses during the year, plus nearly 100 community events in schools and libraries around the state. The Camden Conference is still a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, committed to keeping registration fees low and accessibility high.  Because ticket sales cover only 45% of the operating budget, membership contributions are vital to ensure this accessibility and the continuation of the Conference’s mission to “foster informed discourse on world issues.” This year the Conference has new and improved benefits to offer Members, including:…

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Inside Washington, DC-travel with the Camden Conference and the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

Camden Conference Members are invited to travel with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia to Washington, DC from April 30-May 5, 2018. Join the annual 5-night small-group program of briefings and special events to hear from, and question, our nation's foreign policy makers. The group also visits embassies to gain a global perspective on the issues of the day. Speakers last year included Jeremy Haft, author of Unmade in China; Dr. Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute and author of a Kurdistan monograph; Dr. Steven A. Cook, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations and expert on Arab politics; Dr. Jessica Ashooh, Deputy Director of the Middle East Strategy Task Force, Rafik Hariri Center,Atlantic Council; and Minister Counselor and Consul General Mr. Tang Li, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. Be sure to indicate that you are a Member of the Camden Conference when you send in your deposit.  This trip is... Read More