Refugees and Global Migration: Humanity’s Crisis

February 17-19, 2017

The 30th annual Camden Conference—“Refugees and Global Migration: Humanity’s Crisis” — explored the varied causes of the current international crisis and the unique challenges that come with accepting immigrants from particular countries, regions, and demographic groups. Speakers examined the political, economic, and social consequences of population flight for the countries they have abandoned in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America. Going beyond the present crisis, conference speakers will examine the factors that will likely drive migration in the coming decades—from dramatic demographic shifts to climate change, natural disasters, and ethnic, territorial, and political conflicts. And, turning the spotlight in our direction, speakers will discuss the role that should be played by the United States, a country built by immigrants

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Conference Highlights

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The World is on the Move, and We Have No Idea How to Respond

Paul James

Director and Professor of the Institute for
Culture and Society at Western Sydney University

Comparing Responses to Refugees and Migrants: Governments, the UN and Civil Society

Karen Koning AbuZayd

Fmr. Special Adviser to the UN
Secretary-General for the 2016 Summit on Refugees and

Germany, Europe, and the Politics of Refugee Protection

Gerald Knaus

Chairman of the European Stability
Initiative (ESI), a research and policy institute focusing
on South East Europe, Turkey, and the South Caucasus

Refugees and the Remaking of an Arab Order

Maha Yahya

 Director of the Carnegie Middle East Center

Addressing Forced Displacement, A Collective Responsibility

Kelly T. Clements

UN Deputy High Commissioner
for Refugees

Has the Refugee Crisis Created a Perfect Storm for the Far Right?

Cas Mudde

Associate Professor at the University of
Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs

2016-The Year the World Stopped Caring About Refugees: Central American and Beyond

Bruno Stagno

Deputy Executive Director for
Advocacy at Human Rights Watch in Paris

At the Heart of the Problem: Global Scale and the Patterns of Internal Displacement

Alexandra Bilak

Director of the Internal Displacement
Monitoring Centre (IDMC), a Geneva-based program
of the Norwegian Refugee Council

American Attitudes Toward Immigration

Timothy Kane

 JP Conte Fellow in Immigration Studies at the Hoover Institution at Stanford

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