February 17-19, 2023

The 2023 Camden Conference was once again live from the Camden Opera House!

The 36th Camden Conference highlighted the importance of global commerce and how it impacts our everyday lives. Speakers  explored alternative ways in which the interdependence of commerce, global politics and national security could be successfully managed for both competition and cooperation.  


Conference Videos

PETER S. GOODMAN: Is Globalization Over? (Keynote Address)

DOUGLAS IRWIN: The Politics of Trade: How Did We Get to Where We Are Today?

CAROLINE FREUND: What Future for Globalization?

SIMON EVENETT: People Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones: Norm Violation in Trade Policy.

CAROLINE FREUND & SIMON EVENETT: Discussion and Questions

MARK WU: From Rules-Based to Security-Oriented Trade Governance

AJAY CHHIBBER: Will India Become and Economic Superpower and a Happy Nation at 100?

MARK WU & AJAY CHHIBBER: Discussion and Questions

PIERRE VIMONT: A Difficult Path to Becoming a Relevant Actor

PAUL SOLMAN: Six Horspersons of the Apocalypse and One Effort to Rein Them In.

DAVID AUTOR & PAUL SOLMAN: Discussion and Questions

DAVID AUTOR: The Enduring Economic and Political Consequences of the China Trade Shock

JOHN E. SUNUNU: The Changing Politics of Global Trades. Is The Tail Wagging the Dog?

JENNIFER HILLMAN & JOHN E. SUNUNU: Discussion and Questions

Final panel with all the speakers

Conference Highlights



Conference Photo Gallery


Photos by Tillman Crane