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The Middle East: What Next?

February 22-24, 2013

The 26th annual Camden Conference, The Middle East: What Next? took place on February 22-24, 2013. The successive uprisings of popular discontent known as the Arab Awakening, or the Arab Spring, have dominated the headlines since 2010. Longtime rulers have been toppled, and the battle rages on in Syria. The transition toward more democratic, progressive, stable governments has begun, but the process is proving to be messy and slow. The 2013 Camden Conference wrestled with the issues raised by these challenges, such as the ongoing role of social media in public debate and protest; the emerging status of women; the impact of the rise of elected Islamic factions in governing roles; the growing tension between Israel and Iran; and the prospects for Iran/US relations, especially regarding the Iran nuclear program. 

Conference Highlights (PDF)

Conference Highlights

Conference Video Archives

Rock the Casbah: What Next in the Middle East?

Robin Wright

Two Years After the Arab Awakening–Emerging Trends

Marwan Muasher

Egypt and the New Islamic Politics

Marc Lynch

Syria: What Next?

Joshua Landis

The New Middle East Cold War

Gregory Gause

Israel and Iran: An Evolving Debate

Shai Feldman

Nuclear Issues and US/Iran Relations

Seyed Hassein Mousavian

Women and Public Space in the Arab Spring

Barbara Ibrahim

US Policies and Prospects in the Middle East

Laurence Pope

Final Panel Discussion


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