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The 25th Annual Camden Conference
The U.S. in a 21st Century World:
Do we have what it takes?

(February 17-19, 2012)

The 25th annual Camden Conference “The U.S. in a 21st Century World: Do We Have What it Takes?” took place February 17-19, 2012 live from the Camden Opera House and simulcast to satellite venues, the Strand Theatre in Rockland, and the Hutchinson Center in Belfast.


                                                  2012 Conference Highlights

2012 Conference Videos

Bill Richardson
Keynote Address
Pete du Pont
“The Challenging Future of America”
Clyde Prestowitz
“What America Makes Will Make America”
Q & A with Pete du Pont and Clyde Prestowitz
Amory Lovins
“Reinventing Fire: A Business-Led Clean Energy Solution for Security and Prosperity”
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (USA-Ret.)
“A Country Adrift: The United States to 2050”
Capt. Wayne Porter (USN) and Col. Mark Mykleby (USMC-Ret.)
“Beyond Risk and Threat: The Need for a National Strategic Narrative”
Nicholas Burns
“America’s Future Global Challenges”
Q & A Panel with Wilkerson, Porter, Mykleby, Lovins and Burns
Robert Schwartz
“U.S. Education in a Global Context”
Deborah Amos
“The Facebook Revolutions: How Arab Activists Used American Technology to Change the Middle East”
Final Panel of all Speakers