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Welcome by Sen. George Mitchell, Honorary Chair

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The Tom and Mac Show The Success of Excess: 1870-1900

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Fred Kirschenmann: Two Pathways into the Future: Which to Choose?

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Calestous Juma: Africa’s Next Harvest: Technological Leapfrogging and Sustainable Agriculture

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Andrew Guzman: Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change

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Andreas Merkl: New Solutions for a Changing Ocean

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Kathleen Merrigan, Jim Harkness, Dave Gustafson: Best Agriculture Practices for Global Food Security — Presentations and discussion

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Chellie Pingree: Food Security Challenges Facing Maine and the United States

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Robert Paarlberg: International Food Security: The Limits of Global Governance

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Gus Schumacher: Agriculture, Water and Nutrition: A Crisis or Will New Technologies Be in Time?

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All Speakers: Panel Discussion, with questions from the audience

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Ann Tutwiler: The Role of Agricultural Biodiversity in Adapting to Climate Change


Robin Wright
Friday evening keynote address
Rock the Casbah: What Next in the Middle East?

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Marwan Muasher
Two Years After the Arab Awakening — Emerging Trends

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Mark Lynch
Egypt and
the New Islamic Politics

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Joshua Landis
Syria: What’s Next?

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Gregory Gause
The New Middle East Cold War

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Shai Feldman
Israel and Iran:
An Evolving Debate

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Barbara Ibrahim
Women and Public Space
in the Arab Spring

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Larry Pope
U.S. Policies and Prospects
in a Turbulent Middle East

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Final Panel Discussion
with Questions and Answers


Opening performance by violinist Sophie Davis

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Keynote Address by Gov. Bill Richardson

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Pete du Pont: The Challenging Future of America

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What America Makes Will Make America: Clyde Prestowitz

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Q & A Panel with Pete du Pont and Clyde Prestowitz Q&A

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Reinventing Fire: A Business-Led Clean Energy Solution, Amory Lovins

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A Country Adrift: The U.S. to 2050: Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

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A National Strategic Narrative, Capt. Wayne Porter (USN) and
Col. Mark Mykleby (USMC-Ret.)

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Q&A with Wayne Porter, Mark Mykleby and Nicholas Burns

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U.S. Education in a Global Context, Robert Schwartz

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The Facebook Revolutions, Deborah Amos

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Final Q&A

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description=”Asia and the American Future”

Asia and the American Future

Chas Freeman

Chairman of Projects International and former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

The Era of Mistrust? The Future of Sino-U.S. Relations

Lanxin Xiang

Professor of International History and Politics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland

Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: Comparative Economic Assessment of India and China

Pranab Bardhan

Professor of Economics at the University of California

Q&A with Lanxin Xiang, Chas Freeman, and Pranab Bardhan

China’s Energy and Climate Change Challenges

Joanna Lewis

Assistant Professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs, Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Energy and Resource Trends and Challenges

Banning Garrett

Director of the Asia Program and the Strategic Foresight Project, The Atlantic Council

North Korea: Recent Development and Future Prospects

Jack Pritchard

President, Korea Economic Institute

Geo-Strategic Rivalries and Chinese Expansionist Behavior Across Asia

David Gordon

Head of Research and Director of Global Macro Analysis, The Eurasia Group

Q&A with Banning Garrett, Jack Pritchard and David Gordon

How Asian Journalists Operate with State-Controlled Media

Hannah Beech

Asia Bureau Chief for TIME Magazine

U.S. / Asia Challenges and Opportunities

Thomas R. Pickering

Former U.S. Ambassador and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Concluding Discussion Panel


Keynote Address: Pakistan, Afghanistan and U.S. Policy In The Region

Ahmed Rashid
Journalist, Scholar and best-selling Author, Lahore Pakistan

Lessons for American Policy

R. Nicholas Burns
Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics, Kennedy School, Harvard University

Is there an Afghanistan

G. Whitney Azoy
Cultural Anthropologist, Author and past Director of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies in Kabul

U.S. Military Strategy in Afghanistan

Larry Goodson
Professor of Middle East Studies, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA

The View from Kabul

Athanasios Moulakis
Professor, Provost, and Acting President, American University of Afghanistan (ret.)

Will U.S. Policies in South Asia Work?

Ronald E. Neumann
President, American Academy of Diplomacy, Washington D.C.

Assessing U.S. Policies & Prospects in South Asia

Paul R. Pillar
Director of Graduate Studies, Center for Peace and Security Studies, Georgetown University

Afghanistan & Pakistan in Turmoil: The View from India

Teresita C. Schaffer
Director, South Asia Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington D.C.

What Future for Pakistan

Samina Quareshi
Designer, Educator, Author, and Visiting Artist and Fellow at Harvard University

2010 Concluding Panel Discussion