The Expanded CEP Pilot Workshop

The Expanded Curriculum Enrichment Project Pilot (XCEP) was launched on September 20, 2014 at the Camden Opera House for pilot high school teachers. The essential feature in the pilot is a course that teachers will design for students in their local high schools, which will focus on Russia Resurgent this year.

Teachers learned from experts in the Camden Conference Community about the political, cultural and education in Russia, both historically and currently. In addition, multiple resources on Russia were offered for consideration in their own course design.

Dr. Paul Holman (Camden Conference Education Committee and Board of Directors, and also Associate Professor at University of Maine Orono) gave an energetic lecture and images on the power, people, and politics of Russia. Bob Rachmales (Senior College, Hutchinson Center in Belfast) captured the life of Russians during the war years as seen through the eyes of Dmitri Shostakovich and his music. Dr. Karolyn Snyder (Camden Conference Education Committee Chairperson and Board Member) shared her work with the School District in Sochi Russia from 1993 to 2006. The vision of the Sochi Superintendent of Schools and his Deputy eventually led to many international school connections for Sochi, and to the creation of the International School Connection, Inc., a world-wide organization that promoted students becoming global citizens during their schooling years.

During the afternoon session, pilot teachers learned about the many Camden Conference resources on Russia from its Conference Reading List, Community Events roster, Discussion Series readings and videos. Many additional books, videos, films, and website resources on Russia were shared and considered by teachers. Three student contests were offered that included the Bill Taylor Research Project, CEP Essay Contest, and a Video Production Contest (Meridian Stories). Resource presentations were made by Dwight Blue (Education Committee), and each other pilot teacher, along with Betsy Mayberry (Board of Directors), and Kim Scott (Camden Conference Director). President Sarah Miller, and Vice President Peter Imber, commended the teacher on their vision for students and for participating in this Camden Conference initiative to become a strong support for high school teachers as they prepare students for global/local living.

Consider the personal goals teachers shared for joining the CEP Pilot Project:
. Expose students to international issues
. Professional Development
. Dive into international events at a higher level
. Interdisciplinary studies
. Expand thinking to incorporate many subjects and how they are interconnected
. Network with others, share and gain resources, and share with students
. Globalize education and the way things are taught in school
. Interest students in international affairs
. Forge long term relationships with the Camden Conference.

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