Support a Student in 2011!

Help bring more students to the 2011 Camden Conference! Because the Camden Conference is, above all, an educational event, it is fitting that students have an important and growing place in it! Many attendees feel that the best and most meaningful questions to Conference speakers come from the student participants.” The 103 students at our most recent Conference were an increase from 69 the year before. Of these, 78 were from colleges, 25 from regional secondary schools, and three were from the South Asian region being discussed. Almost all of them benefited from scholarships or discounted student rates and had their Conference experience enriched through a special program organized by the Conference. The total cost of this student program was $11,577, offset by $2,150 in donations for scholarships. The remaining costs, $9,427, came out of the Conference organization’s own resources, reducing our ability to expand and improve this valuable and exciting program.

We are working to increase the student participation at each venue to up to 20% of the total attendance and to expand our current program in ways that will make it a richer experience for the student participants and us all. At current costs, a gift of $150 would help us to bring one student to the Camden Opera House or two students to one of our two remote venues. Of course, every contribution will be welcome and help support our program.

With record student attendance, the 2010 Camden Conference had a new and younger dynamic – many of the most thoughtful questions were asked by students. We hope to expand student attendance in the years to come. Please visit our website’s “Support a Student” link and give generously to this year’s Student Scholarship Fund.

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