Suggested Films (2020 Conference)

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Suggested Documentaries for the 33rd Annual Camden Conference

Belkin, Avi.  Mike Wallace is Here. Magnolia Pictures. 2019. (90 minutes)

Feature length recap of the “60 Minutes” correspondent’s career on camera.

Branccacio, David. Fixing the Future. PBS Special. 2011. (60 minutes)

A profile of people and communities using innovative approaches to create jobs and build sustainable prosperity in our new economy.

Chahine, Youssef. Control Room. Magnolia Pictures. 2004. (84 minutes)

Documentary about how the U.S. networks and the Arab satellite news channel AL Jazeera covered the early days of the war in Iraq.

Curtis, Adam. HyperNormalisation

A documentary in 9 chapters that argues that governments, financiers and technological utopians have, since the 1970s, given up on the complex “real world” and built a simpler “fake world” run by corporations and kept stable by politicians.

“A Thousand Cuts” by Ramona Diaz

Nowhere is the worldwide erosion of democracy, fueled by social media disinformation campaigns, more starkly evident than in the authoritarian regime of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Journalist Maria Ressa places the tools of the free press—and her freedom—on the line in defense of truth and democracy.


Noujaim, Jehane and Karim Amer. The Great Hack. Netflix. 2019. (139 minutes)

Fascinating documentary about Cambridge Analytica.

Alex Winter. THE PANAMA PAPERS. United States, United Kingdom 2018 100 min

An exploration of the hack of stolen financial information from offshore companies and the exposure of the corruption of the world’s wealthiest elite.