Following a very successful Pay-Per-View trial earlier this year, we are excited to offer the Pay-Per-View option to anyone interested in 2018.

From the comfort of your home, you will be able to view the integrality of the Live Camden Conference in high definition* on your computer, tablet and even your television set**.

If you should miss the original feed during the broadcast, you will be able to see the recorded version for up to 14 days afterwards by logging in using the same process as used for viewing the live stream.

Thank you for your interest in live-streaming (Pay-per-view) the Camden Conference to your home or personal device. 

And a big THANK YOU to our partners LiveStream and InPlayer!

(*) Live streaming in high definition (HD): The faster your Internet connection is, the higher the video quality will be while broadcasting. Typically, if you are able to stream high definition videos (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, etc.) you should have no issues. Otherwise, the video player will automatically adjust the definition of the video to your available upload speed.

(**) You will be able to cast the live Camden Conference on your TV, if you are equipped with a TV casting device such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.


“I am writing to thank you for offering the optional home-streaming of the Conference this year. It was wonderful, and we are hoping you will  be offering this again next year. Please allow me to tell you why this was so important to us: At our age the Friday night driving is not easy. Over the years we have driven to Rockland in truly awful driving conditions so as not to miss any part of the weekend. We should not even have been on the roads. It is a long drive for us.” M.A.

“The Pay-Per-View option works better for me. I don’t have to spend the weekend driving, showing up on time… works better with my schedule.” M.D.

“We were very pleased. The video and audio quality was good. I would consider signing up again!” J.D.

“We now prefer the online streaming method of participation for the Camden Conference because:

  • There is a tech guy available to assist in getting you started.
  • Weather is never an issue.
  • The kitchen and bathroom are convenient.
  • Dialogue amongst accompanying viewers is possible.
  • Adult beverages are near at hand should the topics become acrimonious.” D.A.

Select PAY-PER-VIEW when you register for the Conference!

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