Membership Campaign Underway!

Annual Membership Campaign is Now Underway! Very shortly, you and all other friends of the Camden Conference will be receiving a letter asking you to consider becoming (if you aren’t already) a contributing member of the Conference. Why become a member, you ask? The letter will explain in brief the various benefits that you, the Conference, and our community receive from you contribution, but it can best be summed up by saying: “Without you, the Camden Conference would be a very small program of much lower quality reaching far fewer people.”

Learn about the benefits of membership here.

Member contributions do the following:

  • Help us to bring the best available speakers to the February event;
  • Help support the scores of Conference-sponsored community events in Maine that attract thousands of attendees over the year;
  • Contribute to the upkeep of the electronic equipment that supports our popular Website and our video streaming to venues in Rockland, Belfast, and Ellsworth;
  • Make it possible to undertake new projects in furtherance of our mission to foster informed discourse on world affairs.

Camden Conference members have a lot to be proud of, and we urge you to join their number and help create an even better Conference!

Thank you! From the Conference Development Committee

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