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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to The Camden Conference FAQ page designed to help you visiting or using our site. The content of this page answers questions about the 2022 conference, membership & registration, steps to help you livestream the conference, and finally our contact information if you still need help.

IMPORTANT! The Camden Conference cannot be viewed from here. If you are already registered, please check your email for a confirmation from ‘noreply@regfox.com’ and you will see a ‘Access Virtual Event’ button in the email. Please contact support@camdenconference.org if you are registered but cannot find this email.

If you are not registered, please do so HERE. The access link will be sent to your email upon completion of the form.

Please contact support@camdenconference.org if you are registered but cannot find this email.


IMPORTANT! The  2022 Camden Conference cannot be viewed from here.

If you are registered and want to re-watch the archived videos of the 2022 Camden Conference immediately, please click on the same link you used to livestream the conference over the weekend (check your email for a confirmation from ‘noreply@regfox.com’ and you will see a ‘Access Virtual Event’ button in the email).  The archived videos will be available to watch to registered participants for two-weeks following the conference.

Please contact support@camdenconference.org if you are registered but cannot find this email.



During the live conference please email your questions to the speakers: camcon2022@gmail.com


To turn on captions or subtitles while viewing a video, click the CC button in the player’s bottom toolbar. In the menu that appears, select the caption or subtitle track you’d like to see.


What will the 2022 Camden Conference look like?

Once again, the Camden Conference will be virtual. The entire audience will be watching from the comfort of their homes and classrooms, much like how attendees of our satellite venues have for years. As always, our audience will be able to ask questions of our speakers, this year through email.

If you attended last year’s virtual Camden Conference, you may recall needing a login and access code. This year will be easier. On February 18th, you’ll receive a unique link that gives you direct access to the conference. No login ID needed, no code to remember. Just click the link and into the virtual event you go!

How can I see the 2022 Camden Conference?

Registered attendees will receive a unique access link on February 18th. Simply click on this link and it will take you into the virtual event. Please note: the Conference will not start live streaming until one hour before the program starts on Friday, February 25th at 7:30pm. 


you must be registered for the Conference to receive the unique access link, regardless of whether you’re a Camden Conference Member or not.


I need help!

Do you still need assistance?

E-mail support@camdenconference.org or call (207) 236-1034.

Do I have to be a Member to watch the 2022 Camden Conference?

Membership is the best, but not only way, to see the Camden Conference. Members at the ENVOY level ($150) receive one free access link to the Camden Conference, included with their membership but they need to register in order to receive the link. Upper level members, please review member benefits page for number of links included as benefits.


For non-members the registration fee for the Conference is $150/unique access link (1 device).


Do I have to watch the Conference in real time?

We recommend watching in real time, which will allow you the option of asking questions of the speakers during the allotted times. At the conclusion of the program each day, the recording will be available for viewing.

How do I watch the conference on my tablet, TV or other devices?

To watch the Conference, your device must be connected to the internet via wireless or cable. Sending the livestream from your computer, phone or tablet to your TV is known as ‘casting’. Since everyone’s devices, connections and internet speeds differ, there is no simple answer to this issue. While we do not have the ability to offer casting solutions for your individual situation, we have gathered some resources that we hope will be helpful. We recommend that you practice casting Vimeos well before the Conference (at least one week prior), to ensure you have the right equipment and that the experience is smooth and easy.


Viewing Vimeo Videos on your TV: https://vimeo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360010501311-TV-viewing





Troubleshoot video playback issues


  • Switch to “Auto” in the quality menu, if available
    Auto mode automatically adjusts to the best quality of video for your current Internet connection and processing speed. We recommend using this default setting to avoid buffering delays. (If “Auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.)

  • Check your bandwidth
    We require network speeds of 500 kbps or higher in order to stream our lowest playback quality (240p). You can use this speed test to get a general sense of your Internet speed during the time of the issue. Keep in mind that bandwidth can fluctuate, especially on Wifi or cellular networks. 

  • Disable any browser extensions, plugins, or add ons
    Third party programs can sometimes cause issues during playback— including blocked video segments, dropped frames, buffering, etc. If you’re having trouble, try disabling any active extensions one-by-one to find the culprit. You can also open your video within an incognito or private window of your browser for testing. 

  • Restart your router and modem
    Resetting your router or modem can help to refresh your connection and improve playback performance. Try disconnecting the power cord and then reconnecting to perform a hard reboot.

  • Update your browser
    Browser software is constantly being improved upon. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser for peak performance. The latest version of each browser can be found here

  • Close excess browser tabs or applications
    Keeping too many applications open can make everything run slower, including video playback. Especially on a mobile device, it’s easy to forget which apps are running. Make sure that you completely close or disable apps instead of just minimizing their windows.

  • Clear your browser’s cache
    Although this may sound simple, refreshing your cache can help with many different issues, including playback. Learn more here

  • Disable/Enable Hardware acceleration
    Hardware acceleration makes resource-hungry operations run more efficiently, but sometimes doesn’t work well with older graphics cards. Try disabling or enabling this option within your browser settings. 

Will the 2023 Camden Conference be virtual too?

It is too soon to tell, but we are hoping to be able to come together live again to foster informed discussion on world issues!