David Brancaccio at the Strand Theatre (Aug. 2023)

Camden Conference > David Brancaccio at the Strand Theatre (Aug. 2023)

Watch: "What Pirates, the Monopoly Game, and the Tesla Guy tell us about Inequality in America"

David Brancaccio, the personable and knowledgeable host of American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report and popular four-time Camden Conference moderator, addressed a sold-out Strand Theatre on a recent August evening for a Camden Conference fundraising event. 

Brancaccio, who reports daily on the ups and downs of the global economy, takes a special interest in economic inequality in America, how it got that way and what it means for the future. His talk emphasized that economic inequality is much more than a statistic. “One influential investor told me that if we don’t address inequality, we will collapse economically and politically,” said Brancaccio, adding “The co-founder of the biggest hedge fund in America is worried about inequality. The head of the biggest bank in the country is worried. So is this country’s most famous investor,” a reference to Warren Buffett. 

A self-professed “Super-Nerd” on the subject of inequality, Brancaccio shared enough information to make us laugh and cry, just as he promised! 

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