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2015 Student Luncheon in Rockland

High school and college students enjoyed the opportunity to attend a gathering at 3 Crow Restaurant in Rockland, where they met conference participants from other schools and had the opportunity to hear a speaker with personal experience in Russia. Courtnay Perevalova told students about the college experiences that motivated her to travel to and eventually move to Russia. She then discussed meeting the Russian who became her husband, their lives and their three Russian-American children. Questions raised by students focused on her life in Russia, as well as the political dynamics of Russia on the global stage. Her message was important to students: travel to other countries and let the experiences change your life. Click here to read Courtnay’s remarks. Dwight Blue and Courtnay Perevalova

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Camden Conference in the Classroom Pilot Program a Success!

Seven high schools in Maine participated in a pilot program to promote offering a course on the 2015 Camden Conference topic: Russia Resurgent, with the teacher and some students attending the three day Conference event in February. The purpose was two-fold: 1) to promote courses being offered on current foreign affairs in Maine high schools, and to increase the attendance of high school students at the annual February Camden Conference. The impact of the support system was significant, for in 2012, only nine high school students attended the Camden Conference, although no school offered a course on foreign affairs. In 2015, because of the pilot program, 56 high school students attended the Conference, and 51 of those students were enrolled in a course at their high school on Russia, which were offered by eight high schools. A nine month system of support, called Camden Conference in the Classroom, began with…

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Students gather at Penobscot School prior to Conference

Penobscot School hosts 25 students and teachers for Camden Conference By Chris Wolf for Pen Bay Pilot,  February 21, 2015 ROCKLAND — Two dozen (plus one) students from the Midcoast and around Maine gathered at the Penobscot School in Rockland for an intensive look at Russian culture prior to their attendance of this year’s Camden Conference, which is underway this weekend. The theme this year is Russia, and the students were provided scholarships to attend through the Camden Conference. Dr. Karolyn Snyder, head of the education committee for the Camden Conference, said the conference has a pilot project with eight different Maine high schools. She said the idea is to work with them to offer classes on the focus of the annual conference’s them. “This year of course is Russia,” she said. “The Penobscot language school approached me and said they could provide a workshop for the students, which we…

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Expanded Curriculum Enrichment Program

Since 2010, generous grants from The Lerner Foundation, the Maine Humanities Council and Camden National Bank have provided the funding to develop study guides based on the Camden Conference topic to be used by teachers in high school settings. Known as the “Curriculum Enrichment Program” or CEP, it created a structure and orientation for teachers to develop curriculum to study international relations topics. Russia Resurgent is the focus of the 2015 Camden Conference, which guides the content of the CEP this year. An Expanded Curriculum Enrichment Program (XCEP) pilot, funded by the Lerner Foundation, has been developed to provide additional resources to teachers and their students. The purpose of the XCEP pilot is to learn how the Camden Conference can become a vital support system for high school teachers as they promote school learning around global issues, challenges, and opportunities. In September 2014, the XCEP pilot began with a workshop…

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CEP Presented to Teachers

The new Curriculum Enrichment Program (CEP), which is based on the 2013 Camden Conference, was introduced to Maine social studies teachers at their annual conference in Augusta, on November 8th. Will Galloway, creator of the CEP, led the workshop for over 30 teachers, showing them how to use the video clips excerpted from the full presentations at the 2013 Camden conference. The video clips highlight four features of Global Affairs: Culture, Conflict, Policy, and Globalization, which can be used by teachers in a variety of courses on global issues. During the workshop teachers worked in groups on their own computers to explore all CEP video clips, from 2010 to 2013, using this Global Affairs model as their lens. Will also demonstrated how teachers can use the many Camden Conference website resources in their classrooms. To create the 2013 CEP, teachers from around Maine attended a workshop in June, 2013, which…

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CEP Workshop held in Camden

In recent years Maine parents and educators have become very concerned about how the ongoing funding crisis in Maine’s public schools has undermined high school social studies classes, especially those educating students on global issues and their importance to our country. Two Camden educational institutions, the Camden Conference and the Watershed School, have been working together to offer one solution to this worrisome problem. On June 24 representatives of the two organizations convened a workshop of social studies teachers from around Maine at the Watershed Independent High School’s 32 Washington Street facility in Camden to construct this year’s version of the Conference’s Curriculum Enrichment Program (CEP). Led by School Director, Will Galloway, and teacher, Judith Masseur, a recent graduate of Brown University’s Master’s Program in Education, the workshop group was made up of six other experienced educators from Lincoln Academy, Hampden Academy, Foxcroft Academy, and the Maine School for Science…

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