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Watershed School students review selection of books on 2018 Camden Conference suggested reading list

Each year the Camden Conference compiles an extensive list of suggested readings related to the topic of the annual Conference. This year students at Watershed School in Camden, one of our CCC (Camden Conference in the Classroom) schools, took it a step further and 7 senior seminar students read a selection of the books and wrote thoughtful reviews. Their reviews can be read here.

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Maine high school teachers partner with Camden Conference to build network of global educators

Twelve high school teachers from across the state attended the Camden Conference’s third annual global affairs teachers’ workshop Saturday, September 16 in Camden. During the day-long session, the teachers worked with Camden Conference facilitators to learn about this coming year’s area of international focus and how it could be introduced into their classrooms. The Camden Conference in the Classroom (CCC) 9-month program helps build relationships and resource-sharing among Maine high school teachers who bring foreign affairs or global issues to their classrooms. “The Conference’s workshop helps us in integrating the study of international affairs in our classrooms. This program is a key resource for teachers like us who are committed to providing our students with a global education,” said Erin Towns, teacher at Edward Little High School, Auburn. Joe Hennessey, teacher from Piscataquis Community High School, Guilford, agreed, “The interdisciplinary study associated with the Camden Conference helps us augment our…

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The Camden Conference in the Classroom program was the most successful yet at the 2017 Conference. The Conference Board has long seen the value of sharing the inspiring conferences with high school students while recognizing that these young people need some education and support to fully appreciate the experience.  At the same time, high school teachers are stretched to provide the necessary resources to lead education on the Conference topic. To support these teachers and students and contribute to the learning for leaders of the future, the Camden Conference has developed a program titled “Camden Conference in the Classroom (CCC). The topic of the 2017 Camden Conference, Refugees and Global Migration, was not only in the news almost daily, but was particularly relevant to the experience of many high school students with about 20% of the CCC student attendees were refugees themselves or from families of Refugees.  Students in rural…

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Student participation now part of Camden Conference mission

High school students experience a larger world at Conference By Susan Mustapich | Jul 10, 2017 From left, graduated Camden Hills Regional High School students, Molly Mann, Clara McGurren and Lili Bonarrigo attended the 2017 Camden Conference, Refugees and Global Migration: Humanity's Crisis" this year. year.             View More... CAMDEN — The importance of including students in the annual Camden Conference has grown over the past 30 years, bringing new perspective to a local institution that was created when a group of retired state department and CIA officers first came up with the idea of inviting experts to a small town in Maine to discuss issues of worldwide concern. This past year, 102 students from nine Maine high schools attended the conference on “Refugees and Global Migration: Humanity's Crisis,” including graduating seniors Lili Bonarrigo, Molly Mann and Clara McGurren. Bonarrigo, Mann, and McGurren participated in the... Read More

2017 High School Students Essay Contest Winners

The Camden Conference is pleased to announce the winners of its third high school student essay contest which focused on the 2017 Conference theme: Refugees and Global Migration. First prize went to Zoe Bean from Gould Academy, working with teacher Dr. Brad Clarke, for her essay Afghan Refugee Crisis. Lena Downes from Piscataquis Community Secondary School, working with teacher Mr. Joseph Hennessey, won the second prize for her essay The US should help Turkey expand its refugee programs. Third prize went to Sam McMillan from Gould Academy, also working with Dr. Clarke, for his essay A Case for U.S. Responsibility and Iraqi Partition. The Conference congratulates our winners. The essay contest is part of a special program for ten Maine high schools in 2016-17 called “Camden Conference in the Classroom” (CCC). Essay contest winners were enrolled in a course in their high school on refugees and participated in the 30th annual Camden Conference. Twenty percent of the 1,000... Read More

2016 High School Students Awards

High School Students Awards The Camden Conference is pleased to announce the winners of its second high school student essay contest which focused on the 2016 Conference theme: The New Africa. First prize (tie) went to Alejandra Pardos from Gould Academy, working with teacher Dr. Brad Clarke, entitled Pan Africanism and the Road to an African Renaissance, and Kyle Gleason from Piscataquis Community Secondary School, working with teacher Mr. Joseph Hennessey, entitled Inflation in South Africa. Second prize went to Emma Stevens from Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (Goodwill Hinckley), working with teacher Emily Gribben, entitled The Consequences of the Commercialization of GMOs in Africa. Third prize was a 4 way tie; Cole Lusk from Gould Academy, working with Dr. Clarke, entitled Disease in Africa, Eli Kurtz from Gould Academy, also working with Dr. Clarke, entitled Food and Water Security in Africa, Lucinda-Callie Wingert from Piscataquis Community Secondary School, working with Mr. Hennessey, entitled Aid Corruption in Underdeveloped Africa, and Alanna Wilson from Piscataquis Community Secondary School, also working with Mr. Hennessey, entitled Education and…

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The Camden Conference Education Committee announces winners of the Russia Resurgent Student Essay Contest

Congratulations to our college & university student winners! First Place goes to Brad O’Brien from the University of Maine in Rockland. Second Place goes to Stacie Gooldrups from the University of Maine in Rockland. Click here for more information. Congratulations to our high school student winners! First Place goes to Pratt Olson from Gould Academy. Second Place goes to Will Kannegieser from Gould Academy. Third Place goes to Racquel Bozzelli from Foxcroft Academy.  

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Just 3 Openings Left!

Announcing Camden Conference in the Classroom: A Support System for Teachers   The Camden Conference invites you to become one of ten high school teachers in Maine to be selected for the 2015-2016 Program, Camden Conference in the Classroom (CCC). The heart of the program is a teacher offering a credit course for high school students on the 2016 Conference topic: The New AFRICA, and bringing four students to the complete Camden Conference, February 19-21, 2016. The Conference venue for High School Students is the Strand Theatre in Rockland, where the Conference is live streamed in HD from the Camden Opera House. The event begins on Friday evening and ends Sunday midday. For more information, please contact Dr. Karolyn Snyder at: Karolyn.snyder@verizon.net Join us! Toward Students as Global Citizens

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2015 Student Luncheon in Rockland

High school and college students enjoyed the opportunity to attend a gathering at 3 Crow Restaurant in Rockland, where they met conference participants from other schools and had the opportunity to hear a speaker with personal experience in Russia. Courtnay Perevalova told students about the college experiences that motivated her to travel to and eventually move to Russia. She then discussed meeting the Russian who became her husband, their lives and their three Russian-American children. Questions raised by students focused on her life in Russia, as well as the political dynamics of Russia on the global stage. Her message was important to students: travel to other countries and let the experiences change your life. Click here to read Courtnay’s remarks. Dwight Blue and Courtnay Perevalova

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Camden Conference in the Classroom Pilot Program a Success!

Seven high schools in Maine participated in a pilot program to promote offering a course on the 2015 Camden Conference topic: Russia Resurgent, with the teacher and some students attending the three day Conference event in February. The purpose was two-fold: 1) to promote courses being offered on current foreign affairs in Maine high schools, and to increase the attendance of high school students at the annual February Camden Conference. The impact of the support system was significant, for in 2012, only nine high school students attended the Camden Conference, although no school offered a course on foreign affairs. In 2015, because of the pilot program, 56 high school students attended the Conference, and 51 of those students were enrolled in a course at their high school on Russia, which were offered by eight high schools. A nine month system of support, called Camden Conference in the Classroom, began with…

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