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PUTIN’S WORLD WAR III (Camden Opera House)

Camden Opera House Camden, ME, United States

PUTIN’S WORLD WAR III: Is the war in Ukraine Is a War on the West? The Financial Times describes Sergei Medvedev as belonging "in the front rank of Russian-born critics of Putin." He will speak at the Camden Opera House 10/21/23.

Film Screening: Devdas (Merrill Memorial Library)

Merrill Memorial Library 215 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME, United States

The Indian movie Devdas stars the world's biggest movie star, Shah Rukh Khan, as a wealthy young law grad who spirals into depression when his hopes of marrying a woman he has known since childhood are dashed by his family.

South Asia’s Climate Challenges and Pathways to Positive Solutions (–ZOOM–)

Prince Memorial Library 266 Main St, Cumberland Center, ME, United States

What can we extrapolate from the specific case of climate change challenges in South Asia? In this examination of how climate change manifests itself globally and regionally, we'll explore South Asia's specific climate change challenges, an exercise that can inform the global climate change narrative.

India and Russia: Does the Tiger Still Like the Bear? (Rockland Public Library)

Rockland Public Library 80 Union Street, Rockland, ME, United States

It appears, at times, yes. But as India rises and Russia declines, the formerly close relationship between these two giants has clearly changed, going from admiration to transactional. A long mutual attraction has turned stale. What happened, and what does this evolution mean for the United States and the global order?

India’s Architecture, Perspectives from Past and Present (Zoom)

Cushing Public Library 39 Cross Road, Cushing, ME, United States

Beginning with historic context and significant sites, and followed with a focus on living environments, architects Brooke Harrington and Judy Bing present their explorations of India’s vast, diverse, rich – and sometimes overwhelming – built culture.

From Maine to India:  Protecting Source Water Systems with Water Funds (Camden Public Library)

Camden Public Library 55 Main Street, Camden, ME, United States

Girija Godbole, director of the Ghod River Water Fund in southwest India, will speak directly from India on Zoom about the work of her team in Maharashtra, southeast of Mumbai. Introducing her and explaining water funds and Maine’s connection to the project will be Kate Dempsey, State Director of The Nature Conservancy in Maine.


Auburn Public Library 49 Spring Street, Auburn, ME, United States

The Camden Conference and the Auburn Public Library invite you to a talk by Dr. Anita Charles. In this talk, Dr. Charles will discuss her experiences in India, particularly focused on topics of social justice around gender, caste, and disability. She will give details of a research project around inclusion and disability in Indian schools and will share anecdotal stories and pictures of her time in India.


Auburn Public Library 49 Spring Street, Auburn, ME, United States

“Most of India's 1.2 billion people inhabit villages. Teenager Renu and her upper caste family live in Rankhandi, one of these villages (100 miles north of Delhi). LEAVING HOME is their story. Renu wants to become a big-city teacher. Instead, after a traditional marriage Renu must move to her husband’s village and hope her daughter’s dreams eventually will be fulfilled. Leaving Home is about rural life, castes, weddings, marriage, sex, abuse, family—and change. As the film unfolds, restrictions on the rights of village girls and women may shock the Western viewer. Many in our culture may consider Renu's way of life one step removed from slavery. But all of this is ‘normal’ in Rankhandi.” (from

–EVENT DELAYED– Brinkmanship and Balance in the India-Pakistan Relationship (An online Zoom event)

Portland Public Library 5 Monument Square, Portland, ME, United States

--THIS EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED-- Dr. Asif Nawaz will explore the delicate and often precarious dynamics of nuclear diplomacy and strategy between India and Pakistan. The talk will examine how both nations, armed with nuclear capabilities, engage in a complex strategic dance of brinkmanship — a risky game of pushing each other to the brink of conflict without tipping over into full-scale war.

Caste: A Crash Course (Rockport Public Library)

Rockport Public Library 1 Limerock St., Rockport

Professor Sonja Thomas will deliver a presentation about the caste system in India on Wednesday, February 7 at 6:00 pm at the Rockport Public Library. This event is free and open to all.


Auburn Public Library 49 Spring Street, Auburn, ME, United States

“Sharing borders with six countries and spanning a geography that extends from Pakistan to Myanmar, India is the world’s largest democracy and second-most populous country. It is also the site of the world’s biggest crisis of statelessness, as it strips citizenship from hundreds of thousands of its people – especially those living in disputed border regions. … In this stunning work of narrative reportage … we hear from those whose stories are never told…” (from book jacket)