From the Archives-DownEast magazine article about Camden Conference

In recognition of our 30 year anniversary, we are revisiting words written about the Camden Conference through the years. In 1996, DownEast magazine featured an article called “The Talk of Camden: A Midwinter Marvel.” From the article: 

Despite the first conference’s relative success, there was widespread doubt in Camden that future seminars would find much of an audience or many top-flight speakers willing to make their way to the coast of Maine in midwinter. “I thought it was the damnedest fool thing I’d ever heard of,” admits James Brown, a retired New York Times editorial writer and journalist who went on to become a member of the Camden Conference board, “getting all these bigwigs to come to Camden on the first weekend in February, when there’s a fifty-fifty chance of a blizzard.”

Read the whole article here:


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