2022 Recommended Reading

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Bickerton, Chris. The European Union: A Citizen’s Guide. Pelican Books, 2016.

The European Union-its history, its politics and its role today.


Bindi, Federiga, Editor. Europe and America: The End of the Transatlantic Relationship. Brookings Institution Press, 2019.

An assessment of the consequences of the retreat of the US for the international order and Europe.

Bradford, Anu. The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World. Oxford University Press, 2020.

An argument that the EU remains an influential superpower that shapes the world in its image by promulgating regulations, elevating standards worldwide and leading to a notable Europeanization of many important aspects of global commerce.

Bukowski, Stawomir I. and Marzanna B. Lament, Editors. Competitiveness and Economic Development in Europe: Prospects and Challenges. Routledge, 2021.

A review of all aspects of competitiveness and economic growth in a wide range of European countries.

Collins, Brian J.. NATO: A Guide to the Issues. Praeger Security International, 2011.

An analytical presentation of NATO’s evolution.

Cross, Mai’a. and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski. European-Russian Power Relations in Turbulent Times. University of Michigan Press, 2021.

The deterioration of the Russia-Europe security relationship and the key implications for its future.

Gardner, Anthony Luzzatto. Stars with Stripes: The Essential Partnership Between the European and the United States. Palgrave MacMillan. 2020.

A memoir of Obama’s final US ambassador to the EU-2014-2017.

Haba, Kumika and Martin Holland. Brexit and After: Perspectives on European Crises and Reconstruction from Asia and Europe. Springer, 2020.

An analysis of Brexit from the domestic point of view in the UK, extending the analysis externally and reconsidering the EU and UK relationship with Asia.

Ischinger, Wolfgang. World in Danger: Germany and Europe in an Uncertain Time. Brookings Institution Press. 2020.

A vision of a European future of peace and stability; an analysis of the root causes of the current conflicts, and how Europe can successfully address these challenges.


Krastev, Ivan. After Europe. University of Pennsylvania Press. 2017.

A reflection on the European Union’s future—and its potential lack of a future.

Levitsky, Steven and Daniel Ziblatt. How Democracies Die. Crown, 2019.

Studies of apparently healthy democracies that have slid into autocracies in many parts of the world.

Macaes, Bruno. The Dawn of Eurasia: On the Trail of a New World Order. Yale University Press. 2018.

An assessment that concludes the future will be dominated by an emerging Eurasian “supercontinent,” shaped by China’s, Russia and the Eu’s competing visions.

Middelar, Luuk van. Alarums and Excursions:  Improvising Politics on the European Stage. Agenda Publishing. 2019.

EU’s political metamorphoses over the past ten years as it grapples with the problems of identity, migration and solidarity.


Mounk, Yascha. The People vs, Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It. Harvard University Press, 2018

An analysis of the rise in populist nationalism and the challenges to democracy in our time.

Muller, Jan-Werner. What is Populism? University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016.

Characteristics of populism and the deeper causes of its electoral successes in our times.

Snyder, Timothy. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe and America. Tim Duggan Books, 2019.

A chronicle in the rise of authoritarianism from Russia to Europe and in America.