The Camden Conference would like to give a special thanks to our 2019 sustaining members:


Davies Allan and Nancy Shaul

Laureen Bedell

Bruce and Ann Cole

John and Barbara Davidson

Joan and Jeremy Frost

Robert and Kathleen Hirsch

Adm. Gregory Johnson, USN-Ret.

Rendle and Patricia Jones

Andrew and Sarah Love

John and Cynthia Reed

Melinda Reingold 

Matthew and Keiko Storin



John and Wendy Doughty

Tom and Jody Gill

Robert A. and Gwen Jackson

Diana Rigg

Stephanie Smith

Ward and Tracy Wickwire



Robert and Leslie Fillnow

Carol Fowler

Anthony P. and Sally S. Grassi

Steven Koltai

Mike and Wendy Laidlaw

Ronald Stern and Elisse Walters

Susan Taylor

Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch

Patrick and Laura Wack

Donald and Charlotte Walter




Don and Penny Abbott

Susan Abt

Albert and Linda Alschuler

Christine Armstrong

Ron and Sally Bancroft

JoAnne Bander

Douglas Bates and E. Lynn Kay

John and Mary S. Beard

William and Barbara Buss

Joseph Coci

Mazie Cox and Brinkley Thorne

John Doherty

Tony and Sarah Everdell

Alan and Sally Gayer

Brewster and Anne Grace

Andy Hertig and Jane Carr

Scott Hoyt

Marcus and Andrea Hutchins

Barry Jackson and Pat Finnigan

Beryl Ann Johnson

Elaine Keyes

Michael and Jean B. Lenderking

William Low

Mitchell and Jan McMillen

Edmund R. and Phoebe Megna

Sarah Miller and David Babski

Sima and Douglas Miska

Kenneth M. Nelson and Mary Pennell Nelson

Marilyn Moss Rockefeller

Marty and Paul Rogers

Bill and Eileen Shaughnessy