2017 College and University Student Award Winners

College & University Students Awards

The Camden Conference is pleased to announce the winners of its college and university student essay contest which focused on the 2017 Conference theme: Refugees and Global Migration. First prize went to Jonas Eichenlaub, who participated in a 3-credit college course at the University College at Rockland as a dual enrollment, High School Aspirations student, for his essay entitled Refugees Can Be Part of the Solution: The Challenges of Lebanon. Second prize went to Zoe FitzGerald-Beckett from the University of Maine at Augusta for her essay entitled Climate Change Refugees: “What’s in a Name?” Third prize was awarded to Brad O’Brien from the University of Maine at Augusta for his essay entitled Oh, Child Left Behind: The Next “Lost Generation”. The Conference congratulates our winners.

1st Prize









Jonas Eichenlaub, University College at Rockland Center, High School Aspirations student

2nd Prize









Zoe Fitz-Gerald Beckett, UMaine at Augusta



3rd Prize



Brad O’Brien, UMaine at Augusta



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