2014 Conference CamCasts

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The Tom and Mac Show The Success of Excess: 1870-1900

Fred Kirschenmann: Two Pathways into the Future: Which to Choose?

Ann Tutwiler: The Role of Agricultural Biodiversity in Adapting to Climate Change

Calestous Juma: Africa’s Next Harvest: Technological Leapfrogging and Sustainable Agriculture

Andrew Guzman: Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change

Andreas Merkl: New Solutions for a Changing Ocean

Kathleen Merrigan, Jim Harkness, Dave Gustafson: Best Agriculture Practices for Global Food Security — Presentations and discussion

Chellie Pingree: Food Security Challenges Facing Maine and the United States

Robert Paarlberg: International Food Security: The Limits of Global Governance

Gus Schumacher: Agriculture, Water and Nutrition: A Crisis or Will New Technologies Be in Time?

All Speakers: Panel Discussion, with questions from the audience