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Globalization is best understood as the interrelationship between nations in the widest sense. Though it is often associated with economic forces, globalization has come to represent the impact of one nation’s political, economic, cultural, and environmental actions upon the global community: as well as the impact on a given nation from developments in the outside world. As students begin to grapple with understanding globalization, it is imperative that they recognize and appreciate the interconnectedness between nations that currently exists and how those connections are shaping the world and also their futures.

Using a current map of the world and up-to-date information (the CIA’s World Factbook Website is a recommended resource), students can draw connections between nations based on trade and diplomatic relationships. The most pressing concerns regarding globalization are a) the ramifications for the developing world as the industrial world continues to consume natural resources at an alarming rate, and b) how these developing nations can or will gain a foothold in a modern global economy. Added to these concerns are the environmental effects of rapid growth and industrialization and the impact on the poor, hungry, and disenfranchised.

Finally, and most notably, globalization should be considered from the perspective of technology and its availability throughout the world. As citizens of nations become more interconnected, how might those factors shift the balance of power at the government level? To what extent does a readily available, constantly streaming source of information begin to reshape our understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world? The impact of globalization can serve to unify or divide; what role is it now playing in moving us toward unity or division?

The video clips below will help your students better understand the impact of globalization on international relations and on today’s Middle East.

Impact of Globalization Video Links

Music as a Factor in Political Change, Robin Wright

Comedy – Freer Comedians, Robin Wright

Economic Challenges Facing the Arab World, Marwan Muasher

US Links to Tahrir Square, Mark Lynch

Use of Mass Media, Mark Lynch

Effect of Social Media on Egypt, Mark Lynch

Wait and See Approach, Joshua Landis

Stalemate in Syria, Joshua Landis

Syria and the Balance of Power in the Middle East, Gregory Gause

History of international nuclear investment in Iranian nuclear project – US, Germany, France; Mousavian

Social Media, Barbara Ibrahim

International Women’s Day, Barbara Ibrahim

Globalized Economy, Larry Pope

Hillary Clinton’s Role, Larry Pope


Study Guide Questions for Impact of Globalization

Impact of Globalization

1. Define globalization.

2. What examples illustrate the interconnectedness of the world?

3. How local is globalization?

4. How is globalization personal?

5. What is global citizenship?

6. What role does globalization have in the current turmoil in the Middle East?