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Welcome to the Camden Conference Study Guide to the 2012 Camden Conference: The U.S. in a 21st Century World: Do we have what it takes?

The Study Guide, a component of the Camden Conference Curriculum Enrichment Program, was created in an effort to make the Camden Conference materials more accessible and user-friendly to teachers and students. Supported by grants from The Emanuel and Pauline A. Lerner Foundation and the Maine Humanities Council, this set of materials provides not only specific indexing of talks presented at the 2012 annual Camden Conference, but also a structure and orientation for the study of international relations that will open exciting learning opportunities for teachers and students in the classroom.

To support the efforts of teaching faculty in fostering critical thinking about citizenship in a global world, four key components, highlighted and discussed by distinguished speakers at the 2012 Camden Conference, provide structure to the study of international relations in this guide. They include:

In the pages that follow, you and your students will find an Index of video clips from the 2012 Conference organized according to the four components above. Each video clip ranges from 2-10 minutes in length. In addition, you will find an introductory explanation of each component as it relates to the study of international relations, and a study (or viewer’s) guide which poses essential questions for reflection and discussion.

Two earlier Study Guides are also available to support the study of international relations in secondary education and to assist teachers and their students in this endeavor:

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The Study Guide is also available for download at the Camden Conference website, home to the full Conference Camcast collection as well as a wide variety of supplemental materials including articles, book lists, a calendar of upcoming community events, press releases, membership opportunities, links to other related websites and Camcasts from previous conferences dating back to 2006.

For the key elements of International Relations and their relationship to the Maine Learning Results for Social Studies, please click here.

We hope you and your students find this Guide useful and engaging. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments by email.

Thank you for sharing the Camden Conference resources and the study of International Relations with your students!

The Camden Conference Curriculum Enrichment Program is made possible by grants from The Emanuel and Pauline A. Lerner Foundation and the Maine Humanities Council.