Opening performance by violinist Sophie Davis

Keynote Address by Gov. Bill Richardson

Pete du Pont: The Challenging Future of America

What America Makes Will Make America: Clyde Prestowitz

Q & A Panel with Pete du Pont and Clyde Prestowitz Q&A

Reinventing Fire: A Business-Led Clean Energy Solution, Amory Lovins

A Country Adrift: The U.S. to 2050: Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

A National Strategic Narrative, Capt. Wayne Porter (USN) and
Col. Mark Mykleby (USMC-Ret.)

America’s Future Global Challenges, Nicholas Burns

Q&A with Wayne Porter, Mark Mykleby and Nicholas Burns

U.S. Education in a Global Context, Robert Schwartz

The Facebook Revolutions, Deborah Amos

Final Q&A