2006 Conference CamCasts


China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula, Can it Work?

James R. Lilley Former U.S. Ambassador to China and Korea, Former Director of The American Institute in Taiwan

China Transformed? Some Historical Perspectives on Chinese Society

Michael Tsin Associate Professor of History and International Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

China’s Economic Growth: Implications and Challenges

Philip H. Brown Assistant Professor of Economics, Colby College

Its Not That I Don’t Get It. Its Just That The World Is Changing Too Fast

John Pomfret Former Beijing Bureau Chief, The Washington Post

China’s Not So Peaceful Rise

Elizabeth C. Economy Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Studies

China Engages Asia: Implications For The United States

David Shambaugh Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, and Director of China Policy Program, George Washington University

Is China’s Rise A Threat?

Suisheng Zhao Associate Professor at Graduate School of International Studies, and Executive Director, Center for China-U.S. Cooperation, University of Denver

The U.S. Debate On The China Threat

Michael Pillsbury Consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense