The Camden Conference is run by an all-volunteer group of 70 to 80 individuals, with the help of only one full-time Conference Director and a seasonal assistant.

The Camden Conference is always looking for individuals who can lend their expertise and skills — whether it’s working on an educational project, writing a foundation grant, or helping to publicize an event. There are many opportunities to get involved, from year-round committee work to helping organize single events, and the Camden Conference, itself, each February.

The Camden Conference relies on revenue generated from ticket admissions to fund the organization and its activities. All volunteers (including members of the Board of Directors) purchase full-priced tickets to the Camden Conference at the Camden Opera House, or to one of the satellite venues. Our Education and Development Committees work hard, however, to offer discounted student tickets to both college and high school students, who comprise 20% of our audience.

We hope you will join us.

Call 207-236-1034 to learn more about volunteering for the Camden Conference.

Camden Conference Committees

• Community Events Committee: Develops the annual series of free or low-cost events related to the theme of the upcoming Camden Conference.

• Development Committee: Raises money from individuals, businesses and foundations to fund the Camden Conference.

• Education Committee: Works with college and high school educators to produce Camden Conference related events and topically relevant courses.

• Finance Committee: The Treasurer of the Board is chairman of the finance committee and appoints others to the committee, which oversees the annual budget and tax filings.

• Hospitality: Arranges refreshments and special catered events for the Camden Conference.

• Program Committee: Selects the overall theme and program for each Conference and secures Conference speakers.

• Marketing Committee: Focuses on strategic communication to raise community awareness of the Camden Conference and its associated activities, including consistent branding, web content, public and media relations.

• Technology Committee: Manages the execution of the technical production and live-streaming of the Camden Conference. Committee members also have expertise in software and website applications.