Support a Student


Support a Student at the Camden Conference

A record 133 students attended the 2012 Camden Conference, bringing added vitality to the event and expanding its mission of “fostering informed discourse on world affairs”!

By supporting a student, you benefit not only the student but also the Conference and yourself:

In its early years the Camden Conference was often jokingly described as “a small group of experts speaking to a small group of experts.” No longer! Today’s Conference has become a broad, expanding educational program that brings its signature February Conference and the experts who speak there to a much wider public through a number of special programs. One especially successful program is the growing, subsidized Conference participation of college and secondary school students from all over Maine and New England.

This year’s 133 students were a diverse group from various New England colleges and regional secondary schools. All of them benefited from scholarships or discounted student rates and enriched their Conference experience through a special program organized by the Conference.

If you appreciate the unique benefits of student participation at the Conference, please help us continue and expand this valuable program by making a contribution to this year’s Student Scholarship Fund. A contribution of $150 will support one student at the Camden Opera House or two students at a satellite. But every donation, no matter how small, helps another student participate in our mission to “foster informed discourse on world affairs.”

Please help to support a deserving student at the Camden Conference.